Maker's Mark Whisky JFK T1 - Boutique Pop Up 

Featuring Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series New York Edition 
-Bespoke tote bags screen printing 
-Live wax dipping  
The wall was hand painted to highlight the brand's escense.  
For over 50 years, Maker's Mark® has set high standards for its craftsmanship and quality. Hand made from start to finish, Maker's Mark®’s was meticulously designed in every single detail, from the liquid to the package. 
Even today, each single bottle of Maker's Mark® is hand dipped in the iconic red wax. 

Don Julio Tequila  Dufry Guadalajara Main Shop 

Featuring Don Julio Reposado & Añejo label personalization.  
Showcasing the Truck where Don Julio would carry his workers, tools and agave to and from the fields in a blue 1940s Chevrolet truck. Like Don Julio, the truck was a workhorse. Unyielding and reliable. It is a symbol of the simple beginnings of La Primavera and an enduring icon of Don Julio himself. 

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Activations 

Permanent merchandising 

Consumer engagement 

Permanent merchandising 

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